André's European Tour Record

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André's career on the Sunshine Tour

As a cofounder of the Sunshine Tour André likes to spend the winters on Tour in South Africa.

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2009: 20 years Tour Playing Professional

Press release, May 2009 – The Golf Touring pro André Bossert celebrates his 20th season as a Playing Pro in 2009.

The Zurich base Golf pro with Swiss parents, born and raised in South Africa, writes Swiss Golfing- and Sports history. André looks back at an exciting time and makes new plans for the future.

Since turning pro in 1989 André could celebrate a number of victories, the most memorable being his European Tour Victory in 1995 at the “Air France Cannes Open”. After swiftly getting his card on the European Tour in 1992, André had to endure a harsh set-back after a back injury prevented him from playing golf for over 2 years. Since his comeback in 2000 André has found his playing form of old, but he could not achieve his goal of reestablishing himself back on the European Tour. On the Challenge Tour André is one of the successful experienced campaigners, last proven in July 2008 when he won the MAN-Nö Open in Austria.

André Bossert is the only Swiss to have participated in two Golf Majors (The Open 1994 in Turnberry und 2005 in St. Andrews), to have led the Swiss Order of Merit 9 times and to have represented Switzerland 7 times at the World Cup of Golf.

In the past 20 years – except in his injury break -, the touring pro André Bossert has played an average of 32 pro-tournaments and 2’000 rounds of pro-golf. In that process he shot a few course records and had 7 holes-in-one.

Beside his career as a playing pro André pursues further complementary activities, among them a partnership with Golfcourse designer Jean Dardelet and a mandate as Captain of the Swiss PGA. André also went through the training as Teaching Pro of the Swiss PGA while in his injury break and is constantly passing on his know-how to fellow pros, young golfers and amateurs. On top of that, André offers specialised Workshops and is available for exclusive Company Days.

Through all those years André has been able to count on outstanding sponsors and partners. The suppliers Ping and Titleist have been there for ever, already supplying André in his amateur days. The car manufacturer Renault has been putting a car at André’s disposal for 19 years. Since 2008 André gets outfitted by Conte of Florence and he gets his golf shoes from Adidas and the golf glasses from Oakley.

André has been writing columns for 17 years and he gives technical tipps in golf magazines, for the last 3 years André has been Playing Editor of the Swiss Golf magazine Golf & Country.

Thanks to his new main sponsor, Claudio Cisullo, André can look into the future with confidence. Claudio is the visionary CEO and President of the Board of CC Trust Group AG and Panatronic AG. Through Panatronic Claudio Cisullo has partnered André as co-sponsor since 1992 and with the added extended support through the CC Trust Group AG he put down a foundation for an even deeper cooperation.

André built a long lasting relationship with his other co-sponsor, the Schulthess Klinik in Zürich, Switzerland, consisting among others of his consulting of the clinic’s Golf Medical Center.

The 20th Jubilee may mark a moment of retrospect for André, but it also only consists in a stopover. As long as his exemplary fitness and his health will allow it, André plans to be active in tournament Golf for the next 20 years. A long term goal is his entry into the Senior Tour once he turns 50 years old. The medium term goal is to play a few seasons on the European Tour. This season, André will focus on the Challenge Tour in order to regain his playing rights for the European Tour.

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